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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - A reading project in 2ab

In our English class (2ab with Mr Schwarz and Ms Schumacher) we have just read “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. We enjoyed reading this book a lot and it became a real page-turner to us. We liked to hear about the big river Mississippi, slavery, and the friendship between Huck and Jim. We love adventures – just like Mark Twain. So we thought you might be interested to see our favourite scenes.

Text und Fotos: Doris Schumacher
Huck is afraid of his violent dad.
Huck has a difficult childhood. His mum died when he was little, his dad is often drunk and violent. Huck is afraid of his dad.
Florian + Julia
Huck sleeps in the woods
When Huck runs away, he sleeps in the nature. He loves that! He really liked Widow Douglas, who had given him a good home, but he hated sleeping in a soft bed and eating with knife and fork.

Going down the Mississippi…
Most of the story of Huckleberry Finn takes place on a big river, the Mississippi. Here you can see how Huck and “The King” (one of two frauds they meet on their journey) go down the river with their canoe. They meet several people while going down the river.
Nico, Luka, Semjon

Huck dresses up as a girl
In our scene, Huck dresses up as a girl because he wants to go to town to hear some news. He has to wear a dress because he wants people to think he is dead. He finds out that people in town talk about the runaway slave Jim.
Marco, Sarah, Leonie
In the graveyard
The scene that we liked best takes place in a graveyard. Huckleberry Finn has hidden money in a coffin because it would have been stolen otherwise. So people have to open the coffin again…
Anna-Lena, Julia, Daniela, Antonia

Huck and Tom try to help Jim to escape
We are sure that the scene in Chapter 10 where Huck and Tom help Jim to escape is one of the most important scenes. Jim is a slave who has been sold for 40 dollars in Missouri although slaves have just been freed in other states of the US.
Maria, Valerie, Gerda, Anelie

Jim is Huck’s and Tom’s friend and they think that they MUST help him to get his freedom. When they help Jim to climb over the fence, Tom gets a bullet into his leg (can you see the blood?) but he still thinks that this is a good adventure. And Tom just loves adventures…
Semjon, Alex, Lorenz, Florian
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